Vision and Learning, Reading, Behavioral Problems

It is a lonely and frustrating battle that a child with visual performance, visual attention, and visual intelligence problems must fight when trying to make it through school. Despite knowing they are smart, their best efforts often result in failure.

Teachers, relatives, and most importantly their classmates may say that they are "lazy," "unmotivated," or even "DUMB." Academic struggles can often lead to poor self-image and behavior problems. That isn’t something that you can easily combat as a parent, by giving your child encouragement, and positive feedback.

Self-image is often built upon the foundation of past success (and the expectation of future successes). This is why so many parents of our past successful patients have thanked us for giving them a "new kid," one who is happier, more confident, and more independent.

The goal of our program is NOT to teach children voluntary compensations that allow then to make it through the day with less stress TODAY! Our goal is to identify children who have issues related to poor visual performance, visual attention problems, or low visual intelligence… that we can successfully treat.

Our goal is to help these children learn conventionally, in a method that will make them more functional and independent in their adult lives.

And by making them more functional and independent, to give them the opportunity to see positive results from hard work, which leads to higher feeling of self-image, and hope for what similar successes will bring in the future.

It has taken us over 30 years in practice, working successfully with thousands of struggling students, to reach this point.

We now have systems to identify who will respond and what it will take to achieve a successful conclusion.

We now understand the links between vision, visual attention, visual intelligence, and behavior.

Contact us for a free consultation or schedule a full functional visual performance evaluation and let us see if your child has undetected problems in this area that we can treat and achieve major changes in performance.

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