Vision Therapy Success Videos

Vision is much more than just the ability to see clearly.

These videos help to demonstrate how simply passing a test for reading a size #20 letter at a distance of 20 feet does not insure that your child has all the visual skills needed to be successful in school.

A video of Dr. Sue Berry presenting a program on her experiences as a neurobiologist, who went through vision therapy as a 48 year old adult, and achieved binocular vision for the first time. This is something that numerous doctors have told her was impossible.

A demonstration to classroom teachers about a set of common visual problems and how they would affect learning.

An angry parent who described his frustrations that several doctors had failed to identify his child’s visual problem, delaying successful treat for several years.

A presentation of "What is Vision Therapy" by Dr. Dan Fortenbacher, former president of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD)

Jillian’s story was a book written by a parent about the progress that her child made during a program of vision therapy. In this short video, Jillian discusses how vision therapy has helped her performance in several activities.

Bobby’s eyes are not working together. What happens when Bobby’s eyes stop fighting each other and start working together as a team?

A skeptical mother talks about her initial thoughts on vision therapy and how it helped her child.

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