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Most people’s understanding of “Vision” is limited to a sensory input that comes into their brains from the eyes. For a very tiny population, there is a need for an understanding that is much deeper. There are people who desperately need to know about Emergent Vision. They have no idea that it exists and no idea of how it can affect their life.

This tiny population of people fight a lonely battle nearly every day.  They struggle with the feeling that they are very different than others and may be frustrated with questions that seem to have no answers.  Many have given up trying to find answers and concluded that no answers exist.  Giftedness has been defined as a population that consists of people who have intelligence who score in the top 2% of the population in a common IQ test. 

This is highly technical, and I am not going to try to discuss the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY, or HOW these all terms. I am going to simply place an emphasis on THAT these people exist. Your child may be one of them! There are people for whom IQ tests are not an accurate estimate of cognitive potential. These are people who went through a process that can be called “Disintegration” by which the ability of their brains to process and recall information and experiences was reduced. There are people who perhaps used to be smarter than they presently are. There are many different reasons for this, and I am only going to be discussing one specific pathway.

The way that I look at it is that there is one group that is the “tip of the iceberg.” There is a group of people who are recognized as being gifted, they may score 130-145 on an IQ test, having patterns known as “asynchrony” (uneven scores in different areas), and who frustrate their parents, their teachers, and themselves by being “underachievers.” They may be identified by the unusual pattern of being High Verbal on a test like the WISC-V, yet having lower scores in Fluid Reasoning, Working Memory, or Processing Speed.

Taking this from another direction, they may have extremely high scores in an area called “Visual Spatial.” Speaking in general terms, if their IQ was measured in the top 2% of the population, this visual-spatial group might be 1/20th of that gifted population. The members of this gifted visual spatial group might be 1 out of 1000 in the general population. BUT that is assuming that the scores that they got from this testing were VALID. Though there is no error on the part of the Psychologist, this testing might not be a valid indicator of their true potential.

Within the gifted population, there is a phenomenon that has been recognized and termed “Disintegration.” This means that the Minds of some people disintegrate and become less functional over time. The concept of Positive Disintegration has been introduced and describes a process where the mental health of a gifted individual may deteriorate over a series of three steps, but the potential exists for some to continue this disintegration pathway, and eventually have a positive outcome.

The founder of my profession proposed a system of disintegration that was not limited to mental health but included the disintegration that extended into cognition, intelligence, and consciousness. This is where cognition and intelligence of a gifted individual may deteriorate over a series of steps, but the potential exists for some to continue this disintegration pathway and have a positive outcome.

He described this pathway as “Vision is the Emergent.” He introduced his theories in the 1920’s and they were not well understood. I studied his theories “Gifted, Divergent, Visual-Spatial Learner.” I came to realize that there was a population of people who experienced disintegration of their intelligence and still scored gifted on a test like the WISC-V, but I also found a much larger subset of this group that had disintegrated to the point that they no longer tested as gifted. I believe that this group of people exists with IQ scores that may range from the 90’s to the 120’s, who have the potential to measure 15-40 points higher if the reasons for their disintegration were removed. That this group exist is substantiated by the dozens of patients each year who increase their scores on IQ testing in this magnitude.

This is the population for which I have decided to dedicate the last years of my professional career. The proof of this theory is that the test scores of these people have improved and that these people have experiences gains in intelligence, cognition, and areas of mental health because of Vision Emergence. It is an exciting time!

We have received patients from twenty countries and 30 states, who traveled here to have us work on the intelligence cognition, and consciousness issues that were affecting their child. The results we have gained in short-term therapy lasting 2-6 weeks have been extremely rewarding.

The founder of our profession said, “Vision is the Emergent.” By this he meant that a certain type of mental vision was a key to unlocking the hidden potential of what these MINDS could achieve. It is not a panacea, and it is not something that the majority need. It is a pathway for those belonging to a very small and lonely population. It is the population that we am trying to serve.

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