We have compiled this list of vision related websites. Just click on the links and enter a world filled with helpful knowledge for adults and children.

A interesting video narrated by George Page demonstrating a range of eye problems such as strabismus, amblyopia, and binocular dysfunction. This video explains the limitations of the "20/20" vision screening and why other visual skills are essential for good performance at school and work.

The 1999 resolution by the National PTA thats stated 10,000,000 in this country in grades Kindergarten through 8th grade that related undetected problems with visual skills to school achievement, and the inadequacy of 20/20 eyesight as a sign that vision is adiquate.

A compilation of links related to Attention Deficit Disorder and the role of vision. This includes a study done in California linking ADD with convergence insufficiency, the affects of visual porblems on children with autism spectrum, and a series of articles describing the affects of different types of vision problems on attention.

Resolution by the NAACP in September 2009 on the affects of poor visual skills to juvenile delinquency. This includes statements by two ophthalmologists who acknowledge the ignorance in doctors in their field have about the benefits of optometric vision therapy.

Summary from a Harvard Graduate School of Education seminar in April 2001 on the crucial role of vision in learning, the number of children who experience problems in this area, and what can be done.

An article Dr. Donald Getz on the role of vision in ADD, how visual processing problem can affect learning, and the extent to which the visual skills essential to academic success can be learned through a program of vision therapy.

A summary of optometric testing and treatment of visual dyslexia, stating that vision problems can affect the ability to learn to read.

Information on 3D vision in the education field and entertainment industry, distributed by the American Optometric Association.

A blog by Susan R. Barry, Ph.D. (Stereo Sue), a professor of neurobiology, who developed stereo depth perception, after having her strabismus treated by vision therapy as an adult.

Online video courses by Catalyst Vision, that are directed toward occupational therapists and educators who want to gain an understanding of vision and its relationship to learning.

Article from the American Optometric Association presenting a detailed point-by-point rebuttal to a statement on vision therapy by Ophthalmology, showing flaws in their position paper, plus a major scientific multi-site study showing the effectiveness of office based vision therapy.

Website of the Optometric Extension Program Foundation, containing resources involving vision education.

A link to position papers related to vision therapy by the American Academy of Optometry.

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