Success Stories with Dr Kageyama

Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure of treating thousands of patients. These are just a few of their stories. Enjoy!

"I was shocked to find that my daughter had lazy eye when she was fine during a physical exam. I visited a couple of doctors and was convinced by the positive effect of vision therapy. When my daughter visited the first doctor, her approach was to do eye patching, but she said that it [lazy eye] may come back in the future, so my daughter may still need to patch her eyes in the future, which really concerned me. Then we visited Dr. Kageyama. He gave us a very good explanation about vision therapy and its positive results.

After about six months of vision therapy, my daughter’s lazy eye improved significantly from the power of +3.50 and dropped to +2.00.

She was able to use both of her eyes together with help of eye glasses. Now the power has dropped to +1.25. She can see very well even with eye glasses.

Dr. Kageyama is a very experienced doctor. He is very patient, caring and professional, especially since he is very motivated to find out new solutions every time he encounters a new problem during the vision problem."

CG’s parents

"Another doctor referred Laura for Vision Therapy and said it would be helpful for her lazy eye. After the first three visits for Vision Therapy, she noticed that she could read better. After about 2 months, she noticed that when she covered her good eye, she could see better with her other eye. There was no more blurred or double vision."

Laura’s mother

"Debbie was a good student but was limited by headaches and a lazy eye. Vision therapy helped eliminate her headaches and double vision. She was always a good student but now her work was completed much quicker, leaving her time to complete her after school sports.

She went on to get a college degree and later an M.D. with her residency in pediatrics."

Debbie’s parents

Bill had some advanced electro-diagnostic testing on him and stated that it would be impossible to treat his case of lazy eye… that Bill’s brain did not have the potential to ever see with his left eye. Bill’s parents had brought him in because he was a big athlete… 11 year old who could not hit a baseball. He had a prescription of zero in his right eye and +4.00 in the left eye with less than 20/400 acuity.

After working with him, his acuity built to 20/25 in his left eye, with normal binocular fusion, and depth perception. He did very well in little league baseball the following year, hitting several home runs!

Report written by Dr. Kageyama

Andrew was a 6 year old with a lazy eye and over seven units of farsightedness in his left eye. A program of vision therapy corrected his lazy eye and reduced his farsightedness. Over the next four years, the farsightedness in his left eye dropped an incredible 6.75 diopters!

This was the largest drop in farsightedness of any patient that I had treated up to that time. That drop was larger than any recorded in the vision literature!

Report written by Dr. Kageyama

"We received a letter from the school stating that our daughter’s left eye was 20/50. We brought her to Dr. Kageyama as I realized that lazy left eye runs in my family, and we wanted to be sure that Priyanka didn’t have it, BUT she did.

It was a shock to us that Priyanka could not read well with the left eye – suddenly the changes came along. We were worried that she would have difficulty in seeing 3D and also later in live with driving.

With commitment for the vision therapy and exercises at home and hope… we have seen a remarkable change – she can read everything and definitely has fewer temper tantrums.

We were amazed that her left eye # was +3.75 and it fell in 6 months instead of 2 years to a 20/15 vision. We are grateful to Dr. K, Valerie, and staff. Thank you for giving back her eyesight! She does not need glasses!"

Priyanka’s parents

"Priyanka started vision therapy with a lazy eye of +3.75 farsightedness which was best corrected to 20/50 and which saw 20/60 without glasses. She had eyestrain and reading-related complaints. Her farsightedness in the dominant eye was +0.75 with 20/15 acuity.

Three months of vision therapy and three months of monitoring resulted in a reduction in farsightedness to +1.00 in the lazy eye, with 20/15 acuity, both with and without lenses."

Note from Dr. Kageyama

A classmate of mine once told me, "I know you are really into vision therapy, could you work with my son who has a crossed eye?" A few weeks later, he brought his 4 year old son in to see me, and started my first program of vision therapy. What an incredibly difficult case for a "first vision therapy patient!" Constant crossed eye, did not straighten with glasses, only 4 years old, so effort and cooperation would be a challenge.

Twenty years later, at a class reunion my classmate came up to me and said… "I never had the opportunity to thank you for curing our son. Right after you worked with him, his eyes straightened, and they have stayed straight for the past 21 years. He has done great in school, was a good athlete, and graduated from college a few years ago."

Report written by Dr. Kageyama

"In first grade, Brandon’s school had a vision test and they noticed that both of his eyes would slightly cross. They recommended that I take him to an optometrist for further testing. I took him to a new optometrist and she confirmed that his eyes do cross and she recommended that we take him to Dr. Kageyama. I thought that Dr. Kageyama would be a good fit for my son based on all the positive reviews I have read. I made an appointment and after the consultation, I was told that Brandon would need 40 sessions of vision therapy to help his strabismus and depth perception."

"Dr. Kageyama was very patient with my son even when Brandon had bouts of stubbornness. The doctor kept me well informed of my son’s therapy every step of the way and gave me progress reports. Midway through the therapy, I realized how much Brandon’s vision improved. It turns out the slight crossing of his eyes gave him double vision which he wasn’t aware of since it was something he was born with."

"As soon as Brandon realized he was seeing double and with the aide of therapy, eh was able to change what he sees and make it converge. This change enabled him to improve in many areas academically and physically. He developed better balance and learned how to ride a bike. He also began reading and increased his reading level. He finished the entire Harry Potter series within a few months. At the end of therapy, the doctor assessed that his reading was on a 7th grade level. Vision therapy has significantly improved Brandon's vision, which affects all aspects of his life."

Brandon's mother

In one year, Brandon's reading jumped from the pre-kindergarten level to the 7th grade! This was an incredible 8-year jump in reading in seven months. He was only in 3rd grade. His reading continued to skyrocket and 8 months after finishing vision therapy, he was reading at early high school level. He went from one of the worst readers in his class to one of the best.

Note from Dr. Kageyama

"Dear Dr. Kageyama,
I thank you for the "new eyes" you've given me to see with. After 50 years of wondering what everyone else was seeing, now I can see it too. Recovering stereopsis has literally added a new dimension to my visual world. Thank you – to you and all your staff – for all the work you’ve all done this past year to train my eyes."


A friend of family referred this patient. Jennifer had gone through an eye-muscle surgery for exotropia ("wandering" eye). She was supposed to go through a second surgery because the eye continued to turn outward but the surgery was cancelled because she got sick. She had been patched for six years and had done a program of “eye exercises” with no improvement.

On her first exam, I gave her a series of exercises and asked them to drive to San Jose to start vision therapy. They came down three times (from Fresno) unlike any program that I’ve ever attempted (or will ever attempt again). They would arrive on a Saturday morning at 9:00 a.m… I would work with Jennifer for four hours, then we would go out to lunch. After lunch, I would work with Jennifer for an additional three hours, then they would make the three-hour drive back to Fresno. On Monday, after the first session, Jennifer’s teacher called Jennifer’s mother and asked her if she had an eye muscle surgery performed over the weekend! The angle had been reduced by 2/3.

After the second session three weeks later, Jennifer's eye was straight, and she was fusing with normal depth perception. A third session was done a month later and Jennifer's range of fusion were greatly expanded. The correction of her strabismus became permanent. Jennifer's mother said to me, "If you can work wonders like this, you should have the biggest practice in the country! Why would anyone consider doing anything else?!"

Report written by Dr. Kageyama

Gary was a 45 year old adult with crossed eye and lazy eye. For over forty years, he had been told that his condition was not treatable. He entered into this treatment program with some questions as to whether a crossed-eye adult of this age could actually be successfully treated. In a treatment program that lasted seven months, we were able to successfully improve the vision in his left eye to nearly 20/20 and allow him to use the two eyes together for the first time.

Report written by Dr. Kageyama

Injy was referred by her doctor because of a right eye "squint" (crossed eye). The angle was variable and a right eye crossed up to 25 prism diopters.

The angles of crossed eye were similar at distance and near. She reported that the right eye crossed often at near and that she only used the left eye to read. She had gone through twenty sessions of vision therapy with another doctor. At the first exam, I noticed a rapid alternation between the two eyes with either suppression when the right eye crossed or double vision when the left eye crossed.

She started a 60-session program on 2/11/2008. Injy responded very well and reduced her distance angle to 3 eso and her near to 8 eso. She developed 10 prism diopters of base-in range at distance and 18 prism diopters of base-in range at near. She achieved a full functional cure, with straight eyes, normal depth perception, and no evidence of the eyes ever crossing during the day.

She was seen on December 9, 2008 and reported that she was always using both eyes and that she never saw double. Her mother reported that Injy's eyes were always straight.

Report written by Dr. Kageyama

"He was having troubles keeping up in reading. Sometimes saw objects move. Getting behind in school because he read so slow.

He enjoys reading more, he has been scoring much better on test in school and state tests. He gets homework done more quickly and accurately.

Vision therapy is one of the best things we could have done to help Cameron succeed!

Cameron's parents

"Her optometrists said there were problems with tracking, her eyes would jump around on the page, she had a hard time focusing.

It took her a long time to get her homework done. She could get the work done in class because the teacher had just explained it. At home, I had to read what she had to do, because it was for several subjects, and took her a long time just to figure out what to do.

She is reading harder books, & it isn’t taking nearly as long to do her homework. She would never pick up a book and read it, but now I have to ask her to stop!

She went to grade 5.5 in reading after the 6 months therapy(from grade 3.8) and 6-8 months later went to a 10.1 grade level in reading! Homework is getting completed much faster now! Terrific!!"

Emily's Mother

Before she started vision therapy, Emily's mother stated that "homework took forever," that she had problems focusing and that her reading was poor. She skipped words, read slowly, and was not progressing in school. She was a 4th grader and reading at grade level 3.8. She was top in her class in everything, except for reading. After 30 sessions of vision therapy, she told us… "Reading is easy!"

After six months of vision therapy and 50 sessions, her reading tested out at grade level 5.5. She was checked for her last progress check seven months later. Her reading rate had jumped from 100 words per minute to over 350. Her teacher tested her reading level at grade 10.1.

Emily went through a 6.3 grade improvement in reading in slightly over one year!

Note from Dr. Kageyama

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