Vision and Dyslexia

The modern definition for “dyslexia” describes it as a reading problem in the absence of any obvious reason, such as being deaf, blind, physically handicapped, developmental delayed, English as a second language, or simply lacking proper educational instruction. It is not a diagnosis of a single specific condition. It is now a general term that can be used to describe a large number of different conditions that can affect reading in different ways.

Over thirty years of testing and treating children has led to the development of systems to identify the patients who can have huge benefits from intensive short-term treatment programs lasting as little as 3-12 weeks.

The modern definition of dyslexia appears to have little or no bearing on the successful outcome of our vision therapy programs.

We have had many patients who have experienced larger gains in reading during their short term vision therapy programs than they had achieved in the previous 3-5 years of educational intervention.

Can we help your child?

There is only one way of finding out. Contact us and set up a full functional visual performance evaluation to determine if an undetected visual processing problem is affecting your child’s ability to read and whether the condition can be successfully treated.

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