Colin J. Kageyama, O.D., FCOVD - Doctor Provided Vision Therapy

Optometric vision therapy is the main focus of our practice.

Even in "vision therapy practices," many doctors spend only a small fraction of their time actually doing vision therapy. Dr Colin Kageyama's practice offers over 70 hours a week of "doctor provided vision therapy." Located just outside of San Jose, we do not delegate vision therapy to assistants to provide vision therapy while the doctor is providing examinations or fitting contact lenses.

No Substitute For Experience!

Working individually with thousands of patients allows us to make improvements in Visual Attention and Visual Intelligence. With extensive experience in actually doing vision therapy, we understand the different strategies needed to build skills in these areas.

Experience has taught us to identify which patients we can help and which ones we cannot.

There is no reason to do "trial and error" on patients, because we have assembled a very strong profile to describe the types of children, with the types of adaptations to eye teaming problems, which will respond to treatment.

The National PTA has estimated that over 10,000,000 children in grades K-8 suffer from undetected visual problems that affect their ability to read. If detected and treated properly, their problems can be corrected completely and forever!

Turning Potential Into Success!

Timmy had a problem. It was a problem that that he had to fight through each day at school when he tried to read. Nearly every night his father and mother had to brace themselves to read instructions to him and do whatever possible to get him though his homework assignment. Work that should take less than half an hour would continue for 2-3 hours, often degenerating into “melt-downs,” yelling, and frustration. It affected every member of his family.

Sound familiar? Read Timmy's story in it's entirety!

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Conveniently located in Campbell and Los Altos, California
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Our new branch office opened in 2020 and is located in Saratoga!